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Today I have something a little different. C. Becker is doing a character interview for her book, Finding Euphoria. Let’s give a listen.

Here’s a blurb about, Finding Euphoria.

Hailey Langley refuses to be a victim and has moved on from her traumatic past. But her marriage problems worsen when a deadly illicit drug threatens to draw her into the life she left behind.

Mark Langley has allowed his job to interfere with his marriage, but he never suspected the secrets in Hailey’s past might hold the key to solving both of his current investigations.

Together, they must unravel the mystery of the drug called Euphoria and find a way to save not only their marriage, but countless lives, before it’s too late.


Today we give a warm welcome to Hailey Langley, the heroine from Finding Euphoria, a novel written by C. Becker.


Tell us a little about yourself, Hailey.

On the surface, I’m a normal wife and mother. I’m also a grad student trying to finish my degree in Biochemistry. I love spending family time with my husband Mark and two wonderful children, Anna, 6 yrs., and 8 year-old Ethan. They have no idea about my past or my work with the Special Crimes Agency.


Sounds interesting. Why do you keep secrets from your husband? 

That’s a good question. I guess I’m afraid he’ll judge me about my past. I have a lot of regrets, which holds me back in fully opening up to him, emotionally and sexually. His job is stressful and I’m constantly taking the kids to their activities. Sometimes I think we’re two trains passing in the night. I’m a stay-at-home mom and try to be understanding and supportive of my husband’s career with the Drug Trafficking Agency. He’d flip if he knew I worked at a secret government agency almost twenty years ago. When he missed my anniversary though, our lives began to crumple. I was hurt and didn’t speak to him for days. He tried everything—even sent me a dozen roses every day, my favorite flower.


What do you like to do for “me” time?

I run. I do my best thinking when I run and it makes me feel better.


How do you feel about your writer, C. Becker?

C. Becker is a trouble-maker. My life was going smoothly until the writer brought Tom Parker, my former partner back into my life. Talk about putting me in a tailspin! I felt like I was in a centrifuge! I had to go back to my secret agent work at the Special Crimes Agency to fight for my son’s life—the son whom I put up for adoption when I was a teenager and then wasn’t allowed to go near.


Why did C. Becker do that?

She made me face my demons, and allowed me to grow stronger and conquer them. I didn’t like the conflicting scenes she put me in. The worst was when I had to sneak around town without my husband knowing. Then C. Becker put Tom Parker and me into precarious situations together and didn’t care I was a married woman.  My author must think it’s funny to put me in explosive situations, literally!


What’s behind the title Finding Euphoria?

Euphoria is the drug that my first-born son took and holds him in a coma. He’s the boy I put up for adoption. I work with my former partner to find the drug and try to save my son. But the title is a twist because I also have to find euphoria again in my life and find a way to accept my past.


Who is your enemy in Finding Euphoria?

Manuel de Mendoza is a drug lord from Colombia. He is responsible for overseeing the drug that my first-born son took and caused him to be in a coma. Parker and I go undercover to find the drug’s identity.  C. Becker also brought my husband’s first girlfriend, Colleen Toole in the story and she tries to put the moves on Mark. Then there is Cerdo, which means pig in Spanish. Cerdo is definitely a spiteful enemy. (And a filthy pig!) I can’t stand the man after what he did to me!


What do you fear the most?

I’m terrified that Mark and his family will learn about my past. What if my mother-in-law listens to the Finding Euphoria audiobook and learns about my life? Putting my baby up for adoption almost destroyed me. After I got married and had more children, I had a difficult time coping with that hole in my heart. Now my biggest fear is not being able to save my first-born son. I ruined so much in Parker’s life. Our last case together ended our relationship. I have to save my son for me—and Parker.

Where can you find the book?

The Wild Rose Press Finding Euphoria ebook link

Amazon Finding Euphoria ebook link

Amazon Finding Euphoria paperback

Amazon Finding Euphoria audiobook

Barnes & Noble Finding Euphoria ebook link

Apple itunes Finding Euphoria ebook

Here’s an excerpt:

Her hands squeezed into tight fists. The urge was unbearable. “I wouldn’t tell her.”

Parker ran a hand through his hair. “Argh! Don’t you understand? She’d take one look at your face and know the truth. Don’t forget, you’re the one who wanted us to protect him.”

She stood. “Well, you did a hell of a fine job, didn’t you? You divorced Grace and deserted him. Parenting takes sacrifice, Parker. You were too busy changing careers, and now he’s messed up with drugs. How did that protect him?”

Standing, he reached for her.

“No. You stay away from me.” She extended her hands and backed up a step. “Justin’s dying! Dying, Parker! And I don’t know him…You won’t let me see my own son.”

He wrapped his arms around her.

She pushed him, pummeling her fists against his chest with all her strength.

He silently took his beating.

“Why did I do it? Why did I ever give him up?” She searched his face. Finding no answers, she rested her head against him and let him hold her. A dozen daggers stabbed her core. “Oh, Parker. It hurts so much. I missed his whole life. What if I lose him forever?” With as much force as she could muster, she scraped her nails deep across her hands.

“I know. I’m scared, too, but you need to stay strong.” Parker rocked her against him, smoothing her hair. He stiffened beneath her. “My God. You still don’t cry, do you?”

She froze, and her heart thumped against her rib cage.

He stared into her eyes. “You haven’t shed one tear since I’ve seen you.” He pulled away. “After all this time, you haven’t cried?”

Hailey shook her head. “Not since you told me about my parents.”

His face paled. “Oh, Hailey, the therapists told you to cry. You can’t bottle your emotions. It’s not healthy.”

She turned away. “It’s not your problem anymore.”

Sighing, he picked up her hands. “Look at these marks. You’ve got to stop hiding your feelings. What does Mark say?”

Her cheeks warmed. “He doesn’t know.”

“What do you mean, he doesn’t know?”

She lowered her head. “I put up walls to protect myself.”

“So you don’t let him in?”

She didn’t answer. He wouldn’t understand the loneliness and despair weighing on her soul.

Parker exhaled and lifted her chin. “My God. How many walls are surrounding you?”

Book Info

Finding Euphoria

Romantic Suspense

Length: 416 Pages

Heat Level: PG-13

Website http://cbeckerauthor.com/



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