Setting Sail

I just got back from a writing-conference cruise with the Seymour Agency and had such a fabulous time getting to know more of my fellow writers, from literally all over the country. We floated around, soaked in some much-needed vitamin D, stopped in Nassau, and attended many wonderful dinners and informative classes…my favorites were one on forensics with Jennifer Dornbush, she writes for television but is also a writer herself. In an upcoming Heaven & Earth book, I will be in great need of the knowledge and contact. I also learned about how projects get turned into Netflix originals and how to get into the audiobook market. Then, Sabrina York talked about her journey in writing from her first experience writing to her first published book, writing, publishing, agents, mentors, and editors. It was everything you really needed to know as someone starting out, and it was perfect. I feel so blessed and lucky that she’s from my chapter. If you don’t know who this woman is you need to look her up, she writes cross-genre and is extremely gifted and talented.

I also wanted to thank Nicole Resciniti and Julie Gwinn for their wonderful hospitality. Also, Liz Pelletier with Entangled Publishing for all of her helpful advice on my non-romance book. She has empowered me to put it out there! I pitched myself to three agents and one writing project and I received requests from three of the four. Overall, a wonderfully successful trip. So, now I’m not only writing the Warrior’s Progeny for the Heaven & Earth series but returned to Civility, the book I began three years ago and stopped because of the political climate.

When I first began Civility it was before the election and all the craziness that ensued. However, I’ve changed many things about it, namely that it will not be a romance but a political thriller instead. And no, you will not need to be a car carrying democrat or republican to read. In fact, if you read it with that biased you’ll be missing the point. It’s a very different kind of book. So, for all of you that were disappointed I didn’t publish it before, know it will be a reality after some heavy duty in-depth research into a few thousand things.

So many great things have been happening and I wanted to also share that The Sea Archer has made it as a semi-finalist for the Chanticleer Book Awards to be named in April of 2019. I’ve written two published novels, one self and one traditional. I’m in the middle of two other novels, to be honored as a semi-finalist makes me burst with pride! And of course I want to win but I really feel on top of the world with this honor itself.

I sincerely hope all of you out there are well and chasing your dreams! I hope those of you here in the Northwest and elsewhere haven’t been too buried in the snow and wishing you a wonderful upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day!



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