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Wahoo! I love the smell of fresh cut grass! Windows open, mint and flowers in the air and fresh fruit! Life has been going great and I’m ready to get back on the writing wagon train! I’ve just started the research for book three of the Heaven & Earth Series. What have I been researching…murder! Whaaaat??! That’s right someones going to die in book three! Wanna know who? Well, you have to stay tuned. 

I had a delightful two weeks off playing with my grand-puppy Lefty Lou and hanging out with friends! Here’s a taste!






Her Majesty, Queen Hera is eldest daughter Chronos and Rhea, sister and wife of Zeus.

Goddess of Marriage

What would it be like to restore your own virginity after a night you’d rather forget?

Just asked Hera each year she would frolic in the Spring of Kanathos at Nauplia to do just that!

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The Peacock is Hera’s most sacred animal.

Want to learn more about your favorite Greek god or goddess go to the Quest tab above, then Gods & Goddesses and find your favorite!

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