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Jeny was young when she first fell in love with reading. Given books of all kinds as a youth, the love of all genres also began. As a kid, she loved listening to her grandparents talk about the good ‘ole days, in countries she’d never been too, in places only they grew up in.  Immigrating mainly from the Scandinavian countries and UK, she heard the stories and understood it was important to keep those stories alive.

As she got older her hunger for books and the written word grew too, Judy Blume turned into The Outsiders, which turned into The Color Purple and The Clan of the Cave Bear. At the same time, her parents began a quest of their genealogy. And slowly the love of history emerged, thanks to a fairly prominent side of the family, she discovered she ancestors were in the middle of some fairly large, historical events.

By the time she reached adulthood and discovered the eclectic writings of Jane Austen, Sophie Kinsella, Patricia Cornwall, David Baldacci, and the mighty Diana Gabaldon, she couldn’t get enough of it.

She became frustrated with some of the “cookie cutter” romances and wondered if she could write one herself. One day while walking an idea for a story came and she wrote it down. When she looked up again four hours had passed and three days later she had a fleshed out outline for, “The Catch.”

She discovered there was one thing I loved better than reading…writing.

“To create worlds, people, places, and circumstances from thin air is a high not everyone can know! I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy creating them. A very wise woman said to me that everyone was a writer, some just don’t know their own story. I hope you find yours and write it down.”

–Jeny Heckman




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  1. I love that you have your camera sitting next to you in this picture! 🙂 I know first hand that you are equally talented as a photographer as you are an author!!!

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