Released: TOD

Published by: TOD

Cover Design by: Steven Novak

Modern Day Civil War.

Written non-partisan, it follows the decline and disintegration of life as we know it in the US.

Mass shootings, racial discord, political polarization, government corruption, an election, gun control, and a bloody rebellion all converge and the fallout is catastrophic. Leaving Americans to fight each other on their own soil and civil liberties are left on the field of battle.

Civility arcs the experience of Piper Jenkins and Charlie Evans, two unlikely rebels, whose stories run parallel but separate until the rebellion begins. Full of an unforgettable cast of characters and highly impactful scenes, “Civility” will ask the ultimate question, should the impossible become possible, which side would you choose and who could you leave behind. The answers may scare you.

Authors Note:

This book was never released. I wrote it several years ago (2015) and thought it would be an interesting concept, then the election happened and the details of the story strangely came to life. It talks about a corrupt political system, unworthy candidates and real national division around gun control. Although this book was written non partisan, I felt the climate was becoming part of the problem and no solutions were being rendered. I also wrote about two terrorist attacks one domestic (a mall shooting) and one foreign (a kind of 9/11, on a smaller scale). Then in my hometown area we had a mall shooting at the mall I patterned the attack after and my family were all in Vegas during the shooting there. My husband and myself in Mandalay Bay and my children at the concert. I felt I’d tempted fate one too many times and although I have many people asking for this book to be released, I still don’t feel the time is right. Perhaps I will at a later date. 



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