Those that now rule will rue a day, when those they command refuse to pray.

An old, most powerful foe will find a way, to escape the bonds of yesterday.

And with him will turn one once trusted that gods persecuted, belittled and neglected.

Mighty gods shackled and toil never to be heard, from Tartarus’s grip, deep in the abyss of the Underworld.

There they will remain for as long as time rules, until the last bead of their blood is collected and cooled.

The outcome they fear fate could yet reject, if the children of tomorrow’s lives intersect.

And in their quest, three discoveries must be found, or the deities will face the Moirai and be cut to the underground.

First, god and mortal alike a weakness to conquer, and only from there the key may the children conjure.

Second, something gods have naught to know, selflessness, devotion and love-eternal the hardest to sow.

The final discovery for this quest to take place, is when all children are in the same time and same space.

Five arrows to join around heart’s blood of great hope it will lay, perhaps even more, only I, Themis, can say, at the end of the last day.

Many eras have tried to face success and prevail, only to miss the connections and fail.

Brothers may harness drops of their power to advise in this cause, because it is written in Themis’ divine law.

For only then will the threat be defeated, and to the Isle of Blest the remaining gods be seated.

And though their time of rule may end, full assimilation of immortal blood, this Oracle will send.

For even if one pure drop remains, ascending the steps, Olympians may again reign.

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