Goddess of the Hunt & Moon

Artemis is the daughter of Zeus (God of Sky & Thunder) and the Titaness Leto and she is the twin sister of Apollo (God of Music, Art & Oracles).

Hera (Goddess of Marriage & Monogamy) found out that Zeus was having an affair with Leto and that she became pregnant with his twins. She was panic-stricken for there had been prophecies that a “new order” was coming. Hera decided the children of Zeus that came from other women, would cement that new order. And so for that reason she hunted Leto and when she couldn’t find her she banned her from giving birth on any land, island or place under the sun. The island of Delos took pity on Leto and allowed her to have her children, first Artemis and then with Artemis’s help0 For this reason she is also the goddess of childbirth.

Hera treated the girl deplorably and one day Artemis crawled into her father’s lap and begged for him to grant six wishes. 1) To always remain a virgin 2) To have multiple names that would separate her from her brother 3) To be the bearer of light 4) To have a bow, arrow and knee-length tunic for hunting 5) To have sixty-nine year old girls to be her choir, twenty Amnisides Nymphs to guard her dogs and bow when she slept 6) To rule all the mountains and relieve women of their pains during childbirth and menstruation cycle or “moon” times.

Artemis believed she had a specific purpose. She was fastidious about her chastity and remained a virgin. Her companions, servants and aides all remained virgins as well. She sought out what she would need to be a superior huntress. She received her bow and arrows from Hephaestus (God of Fire & Metallurgy), she visited Pan (God of the Forest) and he made her a gift twelve hounds and captured a deer with six golden horns to pull her chariot.

Artemis was a virgin but men and gods did interest her, and eventually did lose her heart to the fierce hunter Orion. He became her treasured hunting companion. Apollo felt the two were getting too close and didn’t want Artemis to relinquish her maidenhood, so sent a scorpion to make sure that didn’t happen. Artemis distraught and grieving asked Zeus to place Orion among the constellations, which he did and as a nod to his heroes death he added the scorpion too.

There were many times when Artemis’s charms caused impure thoughts and actions among men and gods, the huntress would usually turn the offender into something else for their trouble.

At one point she heard that Adonis, consort of Aphrodite (Goddess of Love, Beauty & Sex) was boasting that his hunting prowess was greater than her own. It’s inferred that she set a wild boar loose and it killed him


Because she is the goddess of women, and childbirth

Her sacred animals are stags, and dogs

Her symbols are bow and arrows, hunting and the moon

Her token day is Monday (Moon Day) and month is November



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