Goddess of Wisdom & Strategic War

There was a prophecy that said a woman named Metis would have children more powerful than their sire. Zeus (God of Sky & Thunder) wanted her badly but resisted due to the prophecy. Eventually he decided that no one could become more powerful than the great Zeus and had sex with Metis, but immediately feared the result so swallowed the woman whole. Metis had already conceived Athena. After a time Zeus’s head throbbed and burned and could receive no relief. Hephaestus came and cleaved apart his head with an axe and Athena emerged, fully grown and clad in armor and sword.

Everything about Athena is wisdom, reason, patience, purity, strategy and will. She is goddess over civilization, law and justice, arts and crafts and mathematics. She is the patron goddess of heroic endeavor. She was extraordinarily patient and very slow to anger and when she fought it was always with reason and strategy

Both Poseidon (God of the Sea) and Athena wanted to be the patron deity of a large city. They agreed to present a gift to the city and have it decide who would be their patron. Poseidon struck the ground with his trident causing the earth to shake and salt water spring forth. The city could now have water and trade, for the city needed this but on closer observance, the water was too salty to drink. Athena brought with her an olive tree, which gave the city, wood, food and oil and so the city would forevermore be named Athens.

Athena was for all time a virgin, however she did adopt one child. Hephaestus (God of Fire & Metallurgy) tried to rape Athena. She was able to move away and his semen fell to the earth “impregnating” the soil and Erichthonius, King of Athens, was born from Gaia (Mother Earth). Athena couldn’t leave the baby so became it’s surrogate mother

There was a gorgon named Medusa, she was a beautiful priestess that served Athena and kept herself a virgin. Poseidon liked her and tried to seduce her but she wouldn’t be swayed. Eventually he forced her into sex on Athena’s temple floor. When Athena found out that her temple had been thus desecrated she went into a rage and turned Medusa into a hideous serpentine creature with snakes for hair and a stare that could turn someone to stone in an instant


Athena was tall, stately, poised and regal. She had very distinct gray eyes. She always wore long robes and a crown. When she didn’t she’d wear armor, a crystal shield with the head of a gorgon on it and a helmet, with an extremely long spear.

She invented the bridle for horses, so they could be controlled. She created yokes, ships and chariots.

She is the counterpart to Ares. He is the god of violent and passion driven war, she is the goddess of strategic war.

Her symbols are helmet, shield, olive tree and owl

Her sacred animals owls and snakes

She was Zeus’s favorite child and the only child he allowed to hold and use his thunderbolts

Athens and particularly the Parthenon, on the Acropolis is her temple

She turned the woman, Arachne into a spider for insulting her and the gods

She is one of only three virgin goddesses, Hestia and Artemis are the others

Athena gave Perseus the polished shield he used to fight Medusa, the gorgon, as looking at her directly would have turned him to stone.





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