Goddess of Hearth, Home, Domesticity, Family & State

The eldest child of Cronus (Time) and Rhea (Mother of the Gods) and sister to Zeus (God of Sky & Thunder), Hera (Goddess of Marriage & Monogamy), Hades (God of the Dead & King of the Underworld) and Poseidon (God of Sea, Earthquakes, Storms and Horses). Hestia, so beloved received the first offering at the sacrifices of every house and her flame lit the public hearths of each new established settlement.

When Cronus ate his children he took Hestia first, then in chronological order. After Zeus forced him to disgorged his siblings, Hestia was the last, so she was the first and the last child born to Cronus. A devout follower of chastity, she remained a virgin, despite the marriage proposals of both Poseidon and Apollo (God of Music, Art & Oracles). She was repulsed by Aphrodite (Goddess of Love, Sex & Beauty) and her values and thus was not able to fall prey to the love goddess’ attempt to ensnare and control her heart.

The goddess was held in the highest esteem by the mortals of earth, as she fed and maintained the fires. She was known for her kindness and desire to keep and live in peace. She had no desire for the drama, selfishness and antics of the Olympians, so she gave up her place in the realm, to Dionysus (God of Wine & Ritual Madness). She craved modesty and often dressed in a simple dress and veil, she chose no emblem and gave up her throne.


Every meal ended and began with an offering to her

Zeus declared her an eternal virgin and she was considered the exact opposite of Aphrodite.

Her name literally means hearth.

She is sometimes listed in the twelve Olympians and sometimes Dionysus is because she gave him her throne.



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