God of Fire, Metal-Working, Stone Masonry, Forges, Art of Sculpture & Blacksmiths

Son of Zeus and Hera but there are also stories he was only born of Hera, as revenge for Zeus giving birth to Athena from his own head. Brother to Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena. Dionysus, Hermes, the Muses and the Moirai.

He is the creator, whose inventions included any fine metal-work infused with special powers, Hermes winged sandals and helmet, Aphrodite’s famed girdle, Aegis breastplate for Athena for battle, Achilles armor, Hercules bronze clappers, Helios chariot and Eros bow and arrow to name a few.

Many times he worked with the Cyclops (Brontes, Steropes and Pyracmon), for assistance. By all accounts he was a very loving giving man, he had a weakness for those impeded by a physical defect because he himself was a lame and ugly man.

He gave a guide to Orion when he went blind. When Zeus took the mortals fire away and Prometheus asked for help, he gave from his own fire hearth. Zeus incensed told him to create a woman and give her to man and so he created Pandora and her pithos. He created all the thrones on Mount Olympus.

Indifferent to the confusion regarding his birth, it’s also understood when Zeus gave birth to Athena, he had a massive headache that he could no longer stand. He asked Hephaestus to use his axe and cleave his head, thereby splitting the headache, thus allowing Athena to be born.

Hera couldn’t stand Hephaestus and was embarrassed by his ugliness and lameness, so she exiled him from Mount Olympus. Seeking revenge, Hephaestus created a beautiful throne for Hera to sit on but once she sat, she was not allowed to stand again. Everyone begged for him to release her but he refused. Finally, Dionysus got him drunk and brought him back to Olympus, where Hephaestus released Hera and was allowed to return, thereby making him the only god to return to Olympus from exile.

Hephaestus great love was Aphrodite but alas, she didn’t love him back, once he discovered her affair with his brother and the separated, Hephaestus yearned for Athena. He tried to seduce her but she refused, wanting to remain a virgin and disgusted by his appearance. When he decided to be more forceful she ran away, causing him to ejaculate onto the earth and impregnated it. Gaia (Mother Earth), gave the child Erichthonius (half-man, half-serpent), to Athena to raise.

Athena’s indifference aside, she is considered the soul mate of the great blacksmith. Both were great artisans, he taught the arts to men, where she taught them to women, both had great healing powers. His specialty was curing madness, hemorrhage and snake bites. His intellect was great but where she was far superiorly revered, he remained inferior and cast aside.

He was an inventor, a creator and a laborer


His symbols are a hammer, anvil, tongs and volcanos and his planet is Vulcan.

His descriptor were lame, halting, crippled and misshapen feet either from birth or falling from Olympus. He walked with a stick. He was extremely ugly and some would believe he suffered from arsenic poisoning

He had assistants made out of solid gold

His workshop was under a volcano, his work caused many eruptions

He was a gentle giant that wanted to be accepted




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