The Moirai

The Moirai

aka The Fates

The Spinner, Allotter & Unturnables of Fate

The Moirai are the ancient mothers of the threads of life from birth to death of every being from gods to mortals alike. Their name means, “alotted portions.” From the birth of time, there is a blanket of life and these sisters create the threads of that blanket. Zeus works with the fates to guide and determine destiny but once cast, its said that even Zeus could not change future events.

The Moirai parentage is also discussed in fog. It’s first explained in Hesiod, the fates were born of Nyx, primordial goddess of night and later it’s said their parents are Themis and Zeus. Like all of Greek mythology, the various connections and ties are confusing. However, for the purposes of The Heaven & Earth series, they are the daughters of Themis and Zeus.

Said to have only one true weakness, dreamers, the sisters also tend to like their drink.

They appear within three days of an infant’s birth.

Clotho, is the spinner. She spins the threads of life onto her spindle. In song, she sings of the things that are. She decides the time and place of when someone is born. She decides who is to be saved or not. She carries a spindle or the book of fate.

Lachesis, is the allotter. She measures the thread of life allotted to each person. In song, she sings of things that were. She carries a staff to point at the horoscopes and uses it as a measuring stick. She determines one’s lot in life and the challenges they may face. If one returns she decided what you will come back as (human, animal, plants, etc.)

Atropos, is the inevitable or inflexible one. She is the cutter of life and the oldest of the Fates. She will choose the manner in which each person dies, and when that time comes, by using abhorred shears. In song, she sings of things that are to be. She carries a scroll, a sundial, a wax tablet, a pair of scales and her shears.

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