If you are like me, you are constantly looking for new books to read and rely on word-of-mouth about the next great read.

At Wild Rose Press, there is an enormous “garden” of authors and I wanted to highlight them, as well as other authors from other publishers or maybe self-published, that are coming out with new books.

With this page, I want to send out the new releases from Wild Rose Press and on the drop-down menu, you’ll see my spotlights of new novels coming out, a series, anthologies, authors, behind the scenes or even just a favorite character profile. Is she only his muse, or is she the woman he’s waited for all his life?



Destiny of a Warrior

by Mary Morgan
“You met him in the Order of the Dragon Knights. Now, journey to the realm of the Fae and witness their greatest legend!”

As leader of the Fenian Warriors, Aidan Kerrigan’s accolades are many and his loyalty to the Fae unwavering. When an unexpected mission sends him to the human world and a chance encounter with Rose MacLaren, he’s tempted for the first time in his existence to discard duty and claim what is forbidden.

Rose MacLaren, a Society of the Thistle member, yearns to expand her botanical knowledge with her love of history. After her rescue by a handsome stranger, she is compelled to look beyond what her rational mind comprehends and unravel the secret of the standing stones, as well as the man who captivates her.

In a mystical world ruled by ancient laws and edicts, can a fierce warrior choose a path destined for love? And will a woman honoring the ways of the land believe in a myth only spoken of in legends? If they do, will their love be enough to defy death’s punishment?  #NewRelease DESTINY OF A WARRIOR #Fantasy #Celtic #Romance @m_morganauthor #WRPbks

Tempest of the Heart

by Jocelyn Kirk
After she leaves her husband—shocking society and bringing disgrace on her family—Cassandra Stanfield’s father banishes her to a remote cottage in Wales, with no company except her carping elder sister.
Cassandra struggles to adjust to a life of forced repentance, but despair threatens to overwhelm her. One morning she meets a neighbor, Dr. John Carter, who engages her in exciting and intriguing new adventures. Working with Dr. Carter adds value and meaning to life for both Cassie and her sister.
But Cassie’s estranged husband wants an heir and refuses to divorce her. How can she return to living with coldness and neglect after experiencing the joy of warm companionship, and how can she bury her growing regard for John in the stifling atmosphere of a loveless marriage?

Rescued by a Mountain Man

by Marin Black
Desperate for an escape, Jae Copeland takes a solo kayaking trip into the lush wilderness of the Smoky Mountains. When she ends up stranded and soggy, she makes camp and hopes to avoid dangerous, wild animals. She should have been more worried about dangerous, wild humans, but she’s both alarmed and thrilled when Hanson Sykes, a fellow kayaker, happens upon her. He’s an experienced mountain man…and sexy as hell.

The sparks between them light up the uninhabited darkness, because survival in the mountains isn’t his only talent. He knows exactly how to touch her in ways that make her burn.


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