Gods & Goddesses

Many people are fascinated with Greek mythology, some just a little, and others with a cult-like fervor. The Heaven & Earth series involves the Greek gods and thought I’d give you an elemental guide into these intriguing characters.

First, a little history…Greek Mythology dates back to c. 900-800 BC. Again, some believe the stories have some basis in fact, while others feel it tarries more on the fantastic, still others believe it lays somewhere in the middle.

Chaos or the great void lived alone, until Gaia, the sun came. Eros (Love), the Tartarus (Abyss) and Erebus (Deep Darkness) followed behind her. She became divinely pregnant and birthed Uranus (Sky), who turned back around and impregnated her with the Titans. Six were male, named Coeus (Questions; The North Pillar that separates Heaven and Earth), Crius (The South Pillar), Cronos (Time), Hyperion (Light and Wisdom; The East Pillar), Iapetus (The Piercer; The West Pillar) and Oceanus (Sea). Six were female, Mnemosyne (Memory), Phoebe (Brightness and Radiance), Rhea (Mother of the Gods), Theia (Divinity), Themis (Law and Order) and Thethys (Fresh Water).

Cronus was manipulative and angry. He convinced his mother to castrate his father so he could become ruler of the Titans. He took his sister for a wife, who soon began to bear children. Cronus, fearing the same deception and coup-d’etat  his father received decided to eat his children so they wouldn’t rise up against him. One by one his children, Hestia, Hades (God of the Dead & King of the Underworld), Demeter, Poseidon (God of the Sea, Earthquakes, Storms & Horses) and Hera (Goddess of Marriage & Monogamy) were born and eaten. Finally, when Zeus (God of Sky & Thunder) came along his mother decided to play a trick on Cronus and gave him a rock in a blanket, pretending it was her newborn son. Cronus quickly ate it, without so much as a glance. Zeus grew up in secret and when fully grown, drugged his father’s drink causing him to get massively sick, giving life to each of Zeus’s siblings as they’d be eaten. When Hestia was finally re-birthed they all rose up against their father and hurled him into the Tartarus. Zeus was proclaimed ruler of the gods and made his kingdom on Mount Olympus.

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