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APRIL 2020

Washington State was completely shut down, due to COVID-19, so most things have been postponed.
May you all stay healthy!
4/1: Newsletter Out and Update Website 
4/3: #AuthorSpotlight on Robert Herold
4/4: Launch day for Aphrodite’s Gift Basket: Stay tuned for this amazing giveaway!
4/10: #AuthorSpotlight on Sadira Stone
4/17: #AuthorSpotlight on Lyndi Alexander
4/24: #AuthorSpotlight on Marie Tuhart
4/30: Work on May Newsletter
4/30: Aphrodite’s Gift Basket Drawing

Weekly Hashtags On Social Media:

#MeetTheGreekMonday: Learn about a new Greek god, goddess, place, time, etc.

#TravelTuesday: Favorite destinations or destinations I hope to visit

#1stLineWednesday or #WonderfulWednesday: 1st line of the day

#InspirationalThursday: Today’s sign that there’s still hope for the world

#AuthorSpotlight: Highlighting an author, new book or website


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