4th of July

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March 5, 2020
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4th of July



I'm back! It's been a little while but today is the 4th of July and I was thinking about some things that go along with that.

My personal familial history is pretty interesting, we go back to some interesting people and sometimes I play this game with myself. I think of a certain relatives and their place and time in history and wondered what they would think of present day and how I or we as a people, live our lives. For the most part I think they would be fairly horrified at the excess and laziness. Then this morning I woke up thinking about the 4th of July. This is my son's favorite holiday without question, the food, the planning and displaying of fireworks, the games and family, as many/most people do.

However, I wonder what the people that fought and ultimately won our freedom would think about America today. No matter what your politics (although I believe we are in our truly darkest days right now), what have our elected leaders done to our nation, what have we the American people allowed them to take and moreover what we will continually allow them to take.

I'm re-reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon (my favorite series ever) and it's one of those fictional books that are set in reality. So, the major characters are fiction but the people they interact with and experience were real people. I'm on the 6th book and without going into a lot of detail, the very basic premise is a woman from 1940's England goes back in time to the 1700's, falls in love with a man and has all this knowledge of the history that will take place during the Revolution. It's so well written you feel like your there. She doesn't write all roses and happiness, she writes about what way life would've been like and because the heroine is a doctor, you experience the rather explicit ravages of war time. She writes how the seeds of rebellion are planted, how little groups, in spite of what will happen to them, will fight against England. Many would be hanged, hanged! Now I know to many of us that's almost a made up word anymore but the process of what happens to a person that's hanged is atrocious, all the more so when they are innocent and just for trying to know a better way of life.

England had the power, the corruption and control of it's people. They isolated and made their people dependent on them. After years of abuse of power and betrayal to her people, England got her comeuppance. I know people may look at my post and think I'm trying to be political, and maybe I am to a degree but I'm also truly concerned that as we sit on our asses today and eat food, drink beer, play games and watch fireworks, we have totally missed what's important.  I believe we are headed to the same place. At one point we will wake up and realize that though, cleaner, with more stuff and more well fed, we will once more be oppressed. The right's given to us from the Revolution sacrifice will be gone but we will have our handouts, we will feel the illusion of security and most of all we will have the late but full notion that freedoms are taken slowly, one piece, one step at a time and it won't be until the last piece is taken that we will realize what we've given away.

Democrats like certain things and Republicans like certain things and just because you like it doesn't make you right. Taking away freedoms and liberties because one group says so isn't American, it doesn't reflect the rights and freedoms of all people, which is what the Revolutionaries wanted for this country. I think it would be awesome if we had a mini revolution, one where people didn't have to die but where we could tell both sides of the political aisle to shut up and go to hell. Could you imagine how good that would feel, if the two groups that have created such a mess and division of our country were forced out. To create a platform where a debate could happen but no ads, special interest groups or any other dishonest propaganda could happen? To create a government that once again worked for all of us, where there were extreme checks and balances as to whether or not they were doing a good job? To make them accountable, truly accountable for their actions. To find some people that cared whether or not we were still FREE. That's when we could celebrate this day with the absolute joy and pageantry it deserves.

In spite of all of that, I have had a member of nearly every generation of my family serve in a military conflict over the years and for their sacrifice and the sacrifice of the people that are fighting today for freedom, I wish you peace in your hearts, strength in your convictions and protection for your bodies.

Enjoy your Independence Day Friends!

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