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March 5, 2020
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Australia Burns Anthology

Australia Burns Volume Two

Australia Burns Volume Two

So, I want to tell you about something pretty incredible. My publisher is Wild Rose Press, and we have a community chat for all the authors published with the company. Most of the time the chat is used to network; tell everyone about a release, tweet or blog to share, in an effort to help market each other’s books. It’s also used to educate or share news about classes, conferences, things happening in the industry or specific professionals we might be interested in.

At the beginning of this year, one of our authors, Stephen B. King, an Australian, asked if anyone would be interested in writing an anthology with him to benefit the victims of the Australia wildfires. His vision was to collect a bunch of short stories, publish them and donate all the proceeds to the organizations, people and areas that needed the most help as a result of the catastrophe over there. One billion animals and over twenty-five people have been killed, as of this writing, not to mention the utter devastation to land, homes, and businesses, the likes of which Australia’s never seen.

Now, the writers at Wild Rose Press are an amazing group of people and they started responding immediately. So much so, Stephen quickly realized the project was bigger than himself and asked our publisher for help. In less than a month, we had forty authors donate stories, our publisher donate A LOT their time, editors, cover designers, and essential staff to create not only one but three volumes for the cause. The best part… 100% of the profits and royalties will go to Australia’s aide. I submitted, Dancing Through Tears, it’s the last story in Volume Two. It’s the story of Route 91, from one family’s perspective and how the day transpired from the concert, to their hotel room, and on the casino floor of Mandalay Bay. It’s the story I’ve always wanted to write but never wanted to profit from. When the opportunity came to possibly help other people in desperate need, everything just felt right and I’m extraordinarily proud of it, and the wonderful family of Wild Rose Press Publishing.

If you are interested in purchasing these books, there are a few ways to do it.

Purchasing a print book from The Wild Rose Press website will result in 100% of the profits going to Australia.

CLICK HERE Australia Burns Volume 2 from Wild Rose Press (Print Book)


If you are an eBook reader or just prefer a different website, the books are available through Amazon and other retailers.

(Unfortunately, we can't control their fees, but 100% of all remaining profits and royalties will go to Australia and the victims)

CLICK HERE Australia Burns Volume 2 from Amazon (Print Book)

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