Five Years…

Australia Burns Volume Two
Australia Burns Anthology
March 5, 2020
Stanwood Pride, Where Did It Go?
March 21, 2020

Five Years…



 Five Years

 It’s been five long years, since you went away

And all of us are here today

To remember you and turn back time

To feel your presence, so warm and kind

There are times when I still feel you near

Your laugh, your voice, I can almost hear

The new eagle’s nest that’s just outside

And those magical wings that soar so high

You should see your sisters, united and true

They keep yesterday alive, so we don’t feel so blue

You should be here to see the grandkids all grow

Their shining possibilities and futures to show

You should be here to witness the love of your kids

The triumphs and failures your counsel could give

But most of all your Janice, your love and presence she’s missed

Spread all your love there, to surround her and lift

I know that you watch us, holding the hand of your mother

That you protect us and guide us like that of no other

As the years keep on fading and time goes much faster

It may be harder to remember the exact sound of your laughter

But for me I remember your gestures and smiles

I hold the coin that you gave me to close up the miles

And I always remember when I hear my son’s name

Your beautiful soul and the song that we sang

I love you and miss you with all of my heart…

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