GOT What did you think?

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March 21, 2020
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March 21, 2020

GOT What did you think?

Yes, I am a Game of Thrones fanatic. I didn't want to be and the first time I watched the series I was mostly confused. Who the hell were all these people? There were too many storylines. Too many main characters getting whacked and what is it with all the sex!

After the first season faded to black and the series really took off, I was still confused but tried to embrace it. I wanted to get it, so kept watching. Like most people, I was extremely excited for this final season. I decided to watch it from start to finish and oh my God, what a difference.



It seems there is a lot of opinion on the battle scene with the White Walkers and Night King and whether or not it was good. I LOVED it! The fact it was pitch black only built suspense because there was so much action, you couldn't tell if anyone important died. I also thought they built you up and tore you down over and over and over again. Beginning with the Dothraki's and the Red Woman. She's gone forever and then all of a sudden she pops up and lights all their blade afire. It was like yeah, they are going to kick some ass. Then the wide shot looked like something out of the Titanic, when it looks like a massive boat, then they do the wide shot, with the pathetic rescue flare. The Dothraki are extinguished in a millisecond. It was Oh my God, they are all going to die. So, I loved that up and down. One of my favorite scenes was Arya in the library, being all stealthy and all the scenes where you were positive something bad was going to happen to Brienne, Jamie or Greyworm and then they kept narrowly escaping. I also loved it down in the crypt. Does anyone else want Tyrion and Sansa to get back together? Of course, the final scene had me shouting out loud, screaming "No," then jumping up and down.

The things I didn't like were Jon and Daeny flying around on the dragons. Here you have these to kicking ass, coming up with plans and building up to their big moment, and she goes and blows it! So frustrating. All in all a great battle.

My picks for the battle with Cersei and the end of the show? I think/hope Sansa and Tyrion end up together. I think

 Arya (just because not all the siblings can live and she's the most loved girl (and because she killed the Night King). Jamie will be killed (after a very emotional death scene with Brienne) and Daeny will be killed, forcing Jon to be king. I think Tyrion is going to be the one to kill Cersei. Bram's going to go live in a tree. Bronn's going to die. Hound's going to die, trying to save Arya. Sam and Gilly will live. Greyworm will die trying to protect Daeny. And I think one of the dragons will die.


Okay, give me your picks and tell me if you liked the battle scene in the comments below!

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