Happy New Year!

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March 21, 2020
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March 21, 2020

Happy New Year!

Ah, what a wonderful, yet crazy holiday season! I sincerely hope you were able to create some fantastic memories!

Personally, I make resolutions. In the past, I've made lots of them, some realistic, some unattainable (yet somehow I think they are when I make them). Every new year feels like a do-over to me.  I'm going to exercise! I'm going to be more organized! I'm going to lose weight! I going to be more present! Etc., etc., etc. This year, I wrote down some goals I'd like to accomplish but more importantly, I wrote down ways to attain them. I bought a journal to write down feelings and frustrations, as a way to keep me on track and stay honest. At fifty-one, I have some experience behind me now and being diagnosed with a medical condition last year put many things into a huge perspective for me. It was long and challenging.

I want to get back some of the energy and excitement the past year stripped away from me, and boy, am I ready. So many times, I've tried to change, without really understanding why I'm doing it. Well, I paid attention and on January 1st I reflected on all of it. Some things I grew to really understand about this past year...

My family and friends healthy and happy, truly makes my heart lighter.

If I commit to it in my mind, I can do anything and am unstoppable BUT only if I'm truly committed, otherwise don't waste my time and money.

There's no magic pill, for ANYTHING! Weight loss, done right, is challenging, and fad diets absolutely DO NOT work long term. A healthy diet, exercise, being okay with discomfort, and a devoted mind works for me. Understanding that at the beginning of the journey (where I am now) is more helpful. I'll let you know how it works out.

Actions scream louder than words. Someone's word, generally can't be trusted, unless they've proven themselves.

Drama isn't healthy, it creates stress, tension, and anger. Cutting out the people that brings that cancer into your life is VERY healthy.

Letting go of your recently adult children and allowing them to live their lives on their own terms, actually brings them closer to you.

Life is not over at fifty. In fact, in so many ways it's better than twenty-five ever was.

Elders have so much to teach you. They are a wealth of information because what you think is a first-time scenario to ever happen...isn't. Also, as a volunteer with Hospice, I can confidently say, so do the dying.

Terrible days aren't a waste. If you pay attention you can learn a lot about your character. I can make someone's day brighter through positivity or I can inject an ugly blip of energy into the lives of people I interact with, by being negative. 

The gift of yourself is the greatest gift you can give. Sometimes all that matters is that one person you're helping. It sure matters a lot to them.

Not talking about politics is OKAY! Sometimes shutting up, is the best course of action because both sides are right and both sides are very, very wrong. 

You cannot really love another human being, unless you understand and ACCEPT yourself for who you are. If YOU don't like what you see, change it.

What I think is as important as what you think (this one was a BIG one for me).

Well, that's it! What a year of paying attention gave me. I have come to understand these ten things in a way I've never understood it before, and am excited for 2020!

I sincerely hope all your goals are attained and you too find yourself in the new year! Be blessed!



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