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March 5, 2020
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Inspiring the Catch…



You know I've kept diaries and used journals and typed things out and I used to find great joy in that. For some reason I stopped or moved away from it. In journals I have everything written from the moment I met my husband until we got married. I love to write, I love to think in stories and pictures. I know that sounds off or weird but that's what I've always done, sometimes to my own detriment.

Shortly before my father-in-law's death, I was walking on my driveway to relieve some extremely emotional stress. My driveway is 1/4 mile long and gravelled, as I live out in the country. The night before I had watched one of my favorite shows "The Deadliest Catch" a kind of man vs elements show about crab fishing. I fell in love with it from the previous season and had been watching ever since. The night before, I had gone on their website and was watching little video's about various things like the anatomy of a wave or the construction of a crab pot. I saw one that spoke of superstitions on the sea. There were a million superstitions but the one that stood out most for me was about women on board a fishing vessel. With maybe only the "no leaving on a Friday" this one superstition had every captain and deck hand freaked out! After a few laps on the driveway I started thinking about that. What would happen if a woman did work on board a ship and what would that look like and what would her story be. By the time I was done with the walk I had a loose outline for a story and primitive movie in my mind to show me what it looked like. And I thought for the first time about writing it down. So I did and once I started I had a hard time stopping. My father-in-law got weaker very quickly and we lost him to non Hodgkin's Lymphoma in March of 2008, leaving those that loved him gutted and hollow. Some of the story about love and faith could not flow from my mind and out the pen fast enough, when that happened.

His death as well as Captain Phil Harris' death two years later would have a huge influence on the book. Phil, was my favorite "character" of the show and though I had never met him, I felt like so many others, a real loss.

It took several years to write "The Catch" because my children were starting high school and my daughter especially was heavily invested into basketball. Sometimes I would work feverishly (I felt schizophrenic at times, all the characters speaking simultaneously in my head) and then stop for several months or even years (as they lay quiet).

I wrote this story simply to see if I could do it, I wrote it for myself. The language is rough the characters blemished but all realistic and I fell in love with each one. I was successful. I finished the book shortly before Christmas 2012. Many of the characters are named for people I know. Some characters are like their namesake, others couldn't be further from it but it was fun.

When my husband and daughter read it they laughed in the places I wanted them to and they surprised me with how affected they were, crying when tears were called for. I wrote this book for me, to see if I could do it and that was going to be enough but my son wants me to publish it or at least try to. I promised him I would and have begun that very confusing and emotional process. I feel like I'm handing over part of my child to be ripped on and ridiculed, all the while new characters screaming to be heard and written.

Sometimes it's quite fun to think in stories...

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