The Fault in Our Stars…

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March 5, 2020
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March 21, 2020

The Fault in Our Stars…

My daughter Paisley wanted to go see this movie (The Fault in our Stars) but me being me, had to read the book first. I knew about a quarter of the way through it what was going to happen and no worries...there are no spoilers here.

What I truly loved about the book and movie, was it showed what can really happen with those living with cancer and more importantly, what a young person goes through when they have cancer (I think the book did better than the movie but I digress).

Why is that important? Isn't cancer supposed to be that deep, dark, ugly elephant, that no one can talk about, let alone relax around. I think it matters a great deal to those that have it and would like to feel "normal" (whatever that is) without people looking at them and seeing cancer. I also thinks this can be said for any illness, condition or circumstance that's apparent but doesn't actually mean you are the affliction. There is a social connection that's shorted out. Jodi Picoult has a good grasp on this (almost to a fault).

I love to read books and watch movies that are real. I love to know that the hero or villain or both could be you, me or someone we know. Events and circumstances definitely happen to the every day man or woman on the street. Think 9/11, a six-year-old delivering her mothers baby, shootings, landslides, random acts of generosity and kindness. You hear about that happening with the every day person more than Hollywood's sugar coated sensationalism. To watch a story unfold that is about a person doing what they can and need to without wallowing in self pity is more the rule than the exception in "real" life. Generally, there isn't a last second cure or man that jumps into frame with his super duper wristband to deflect the evil...whatever.

I would much rather be inspired by the former than watching the cheap and frankly ridiculous so called "reality shows" that do nothing but destroy brain cells and perpetuate a real epidemic in our country...stupidity.

Hollywood's idea of reality and how to "entertain" us has gone to the extreme in a very scary way, promoting mediocrity. That the only way to express a feeling is to scream it at each other, speak in inarticulate sentences or ooze such sweet adulations and platitudes, we develop diabetes in the process. And worse yet is we allow it, we watch the crap. So much so that I challenge you to find an hour where a reality "something" isn't running on some channel. It's a kind of voyeurism, that we can see someone else's situation is worse than ours or we can make fun of them, therefore we feel better about ourselves. Granted I grew up in the days of Happy Days, Little House on the Prairie and Mork and Mindy, not exactly rooted in reality where every week there was some deep life lesson we were supposed to discern. Can't there be a happy medium though? Just a side note someone gave me an old series of Fame and 21 Jumpstreet and they were the most RIDICULOUS shows my 45 year old mind has seen, what was I thinking!?!

I would love to be flooded with stories like Doreen Schmitt or my Uncle Randy  or father-in-law Chuck who looked at a really shitty scenario and said you know what, I'm going to live the best life I can and be an inspiration to my family, friends and community based off the way I lived and not the way I died. Not that everything was butterflies and rainbows but that their disease and what it was truly about, wasn't overlooked or ignored. It just was what it was and we all knew what it was.

It could be the other way as well, calling attention to a specific teacher or administration that is doing a terrible job and showing the perfect juxtaposition with one that's doing an excellent job, effecting change in a community. Wouldn't that be a novel idea, being rewarded when you took a risk, stepped out of the box and made a situation better? Just so being politically correct and bureaucratic tape does enter the picture AT ALL, I'm all for it!!

I guess I'm just saying that I'm ready for several doses of social connectivity. That we talk, look, act and be in reality, rather than watching someone else's Hollywood version of reality. Wouldn't that be refreshing?

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