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March 5, 2020
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Women vs Women



Something that has always bothered me is the inability of many women to not support their own gender. Men seem to handle things quickly and physically if there's an issue. At least that's what they say. Personally I think a great many men gossip in the same way women do, along with all the rooster feather ruffling but I digress.

Women however, that one I don't understand. I'm not an insane feminist, I believe the best person should be chosen for any job, position, committee, etc. And when I say that I don't mean the good old boys saying that only a man is the best candidate, "just look at the numbers." When women are new to many professions simply because they weren't really "allowed" to break the glass ceiling.

I think it's also true for men staying home to raise the children.  I was a stay at home mom, I remember how I felt going to parties and telling people I stayed home to raise my children and them turning their backs as if there was nothing I could contribute to a conversation. I have no idea what it's like to be a man in that position but can imagine how their own gender may treat them.

I guess this blog is turning less about women vs women and more treatment of individuals as a whole! I think my blogs are beginning to have a common theme, though not intentional. To me my opinion is common sense, treat each other like you want to be treated regardless of what you look like, who you pray to and whether or not you have an inny or a outy in your pants! It's super easy to say that and of course much harder to practice it.

I have definitely been upset or gossiped about people behind their backs. I can clarify it in a small way saying, when I do so it's usually because I feel myself, my husband, my children or my friends have been wronged in some way. Whether or not that happens I wage a battle within myself about being righteously angered or ashamed that I wished or spoke ill will.

I live in a VERY small town and for anyone else out there that does, you KNOW what I'm about to say is true.

Small towns are beautiful places to raise children for the most part. Children get to know each other and can become virtual siblings themselves. We live off the freeway, so access into the town is usually for sightseers'. They're quaint, they're quiet and if someone becomes seriously ill, property owners are in danger of flood, someone passes on, this town comes out in droves to support. The town supports its schools and the teachers, especially the elementary teachers, support their students.

However, small towns are AMAZING at hypocrisy!

My child didn't get to play as much as your child, even though your child's more talented, our grade didn't fundraise as much as your grade but it's not fair you get more money. If you had an affair, boy, does everyone know it and even if that person is a church going person, the members of their own congregation will all but give them a scarlet letter. You achieved something I didn't, so I'm going to hate you but pretend I don't.

It's like I said a couple of blogs ago, so many people don't know how to behave properly anymore. And it truly does go back to kindergarten the adage, play nice on the playground, if you don't have anything nice to say, be quiet! Don't talk about people behind their back, it isn't nice and it makes you a bad person! Yes you! If you don't like how things are going, stop complaining and DO something about it (*see volunteer blog below), and if someone tries to make your community a better place, don't put them down for trying, kick yourself in the butt for not helping!

And as a last attempt to say what I really wanted to in this blog, girls stop! Stop bitching about a girl and calling her a hag or a bitch because she's beautiful. Accept the fact that there are millions of other girls/women out there that are beautiful and whose DNA gives them that blessing for some reason. If you are in high school or college, STOP the drama (all the drama)!! This group of girls can behave worse than a 2-3 year old. You don't look better when you backstab or gossip, you look weak and ugly and deep down you know that, so stop! Women, don't hate on women that have affairs with your husbands. You aren't married to them!! Women, don't have affairs with married men, instead use that time to go to therapist to figure out why you want to have an affair with a married man! Don't hate on another because they have something you don't, things, money, houses, cars, just stuff, it's fleeting. Having it or not having does not make anyone less or more, it does not hold power. It truly, truly doesn't, at least not the kind that matters. There's a reason when someone thinks they are about to have something tragic happen, that they don't think about their possessions. Women are amazing, gifted, loyal and supportive people. Have you ever watched a group of women come together for a common purpose? Have you ever seen a women come to the aid of a child, not only her own, mind you, but a child in danger or in fear. NO ONE can even come close to that fearociousness or what women are capable of. You need to empower each other, help each other and support each other. Even the one's you dislike simply because you haven't walked a mile in her shoes and you have no idea what she's going through behind her closed-door.

We are not all going to see eye to eye on things, there are way too many opinions, popularity contests and beliefs for that. We can however have a mutual respect for another human being trying to make it and survive on the planet with you. Human beings are incredibly flawed and they are capable of insane error but not one person alive and surviving on this earth lives perfectly. I'm definitely not and no one around me is either, maybe we should cut each other some slack, in spite of our flaws.?.


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