Happy October!

So, I am happy to announce the Warrior’s Progeny is now complete and I just sent it off to the lovely Dianne, to see if Wild Rose Press likes it too! I am so happy and relieved to have it complete and out of my hands for a little while, as I reconnect with people, organize my series bible and clean up my computer!

The next task will be cleaning up and re-submitting the Catch. The first book I ever wrote and absolutely LOVE. However, I know a little more about writing now and want to make it as polished as possible. Then I’ve been thinking about writing a short story on Dee. Everyone loves Dee. She has a truly amazing back story and I’m thinking about writing it down as we go into the holiday season! What do you think?

Join me at my next book signing event, where I will find out if The Sea Archer wins for best cover!

Have a great rest of your October!

 Book Signing Event at:

The Emerald City Writer’s Conference (ECWC)

Westin Hotel – Bellevue

Passport to Romance

will be October 19th, 2019

from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m

Swing by to see some of your favorite authors, (including me), and get your books signed!

I also wanted to announce the winner of the

Fall Gift Basket.

CJ Zahner

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