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Dee Walker can kick your ass. At least she thinks so and isn’t afraid to say it. A no-nonsense spark plug, Dee keeps everyone around her hopping. She meets fellow field hand, Arthur Taylor, and her colorful world becomes even brighter when she makes him an offer he can’t turn down.

However, this story of a bright explosion of color in a monochromatic world isn’t what you might imagine, as Dee’s life doesn’t exactly turn out like she thinks it will.

This novella is the life story of Dee Taylor, the feisty and eccentric grandmother of Finn in the Heaven & Earth series. Her bright colorful muumuu’s and big floppy hat are her trademarks and this story will tell you how it all began. She also has this little ability to see future developments. Oh, and commune with the greatest Greek family in history, but she just doesn’t know it… yet.


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