Releasing the Catch

Available 12.15.2020

A story of self-discovery.  Romance, adventure, and stepping outside your comfort zone. A story of family, friendships, fathers, and daughters

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"I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy creating them for you. A very wise woman once said to me that everyone is a writer, some just don’t know their own story. I hope you find yours and write it down."

Jeny Heckman

Jeny Heckman

Award winning author of the Paranormal-Romance series, Heaven & Earth

Jeny was young when she first fell in love with reading. Given books of all kinds as a youth, the love of all genres also began. As a kid, she loved listening to her grandparents talk about the good ‘ole days, in countries she’d never been too, in places only they grew up in. Immigrating mainly from the Scandinavian countries and UK, she heard the stories and understood it was important to keep those stories alive.



When you think of Greek gods and goddesses, you don’t usually think of them in a modern sense. Jeny Heckman did an amazing job at bringing the [...]

Sydney W.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even though it took me a little bit to get into it. Technically, it can be read on its own, but I think I would have had a better [...]


My guilty pleasure is reading a good romance novel with a twist of fantasy and a little erotica. The Heaven and Earth series definitely delivers just that! [...]


Jeny Heckman blew my mind! There are no words to explain how amazing this book is. The plot, the characters, the blend of Greek mythology [...]