Many people are fascinated with Greek mythology, some just a little, and others with a cult-like fervor. The Heaven & Earth series involves the Greek gods. Here is an elemental guide into these intriguing characters.
First, a little history…Greek Mythology dates back to c. 900-800 BC. Again, some believe the stories have some basis in fact, while others feel it tarries more on the fantastic. Many more lay somewhere in the middle.


Prelude to a series…


Chaos or the Great Void lived alone. She was energy and power, mainly dark and negative in origin. She birthed the first of three Primordials. Gaea, or Mother Earth, was beautiful and governs everything beautiful in the world. Tartarus, or Abyss, was darker and created an Underworld. Eros, or Love, was the most treasured of all.
Seeing that her children were good, Chaos birthed two more Erebus (Darkness) and Nyx (Night). The two became lovers and created Aether (Divine Air) and Hemera (Day), but Nyx would also produce a series of children, many ill-starred. Nemesis (Retribution), Hypnos (Sleep), Thanatos (Death), Geras (Old age), Eris (Strife), and Charon (the ferryman who boated the souls of the dead to the Underworld. She also birthed Moros (Doom), Keres (Death Spirits), Momus (Blame), Oizys (Distress), Apate (Deceit), Philotes (Affection) and the Oneiroi (Dreams).
Eros would create no children and Tartarus mated only with Gaea to produce Typhon. However, Gaea birthed children of her own Ourea (Mountains), Pontus (Sea) and Uranus (Sky), taking the last for her consort. Together they would create the Erinyes (Furies), Gigantes (Giants), Meliae (Mountain Nymphs), Hecatonchires (100-Handed Ones), Cyclops (one-eyed Giants), Echidna (1/2 Woman – 1/2 Snake), and the Mighty Titans.
Uranus feared Gaea’s children. He believed they would take over his realm, so imprisoned many in Tartarus. Furious Gaea asked her beloved Titans to overthrow her arrogant and self-entitled husband, with a scythe or kind of curved blade. They all refused, save one, her son, Cronus. He severed his father’s genitals and cast them into the ocean which bubbled and roiled until a shell appeared and opened. Aphrodite stepped out.
Cronus became the new leader and took his sister Rhea for his wife. They birthed Hestia (Hearth-Fire), Demeter (Agriculture), Hera (Marriage), Hades (Underworld), Poseidon (Sea) and Zeus (Sky). However, Cronus also feared his own children and their ability to overthrow him. So, one by one as they were born, the ruler promptly ate them, so as not to experience their betrayal. He ate all but one, his last-born, Zeus.
Rhea hid her son in a cave and instead gave Cronus a bundle of rocks, wrapped in a blanket. Her husband ate it without even looking at it. As Zeus grew older he was taken to Mount Olympus to be his father’s cupbearer. Cronus, not knowing his son fed him poisoned wine, became violently ill and regurgitated his children in the reverse order he swallowed them, thus also reversing their birth order.
The Olympians rose up against Cronus and many of the other Titans, in a ten-year battle entitled, Titanomachy. The Titans were defeated and many were thrown into Tartarus, as the Olympians ascended the thrown, with Zeus as their ruler.
The Heaven & Earth Series begins some time after that victory. Cronus vows revenge upon his children and with the manipulation of others begins to create a prophecy. His sister, Themis, an Oracle of Delphi, learns of his plan in time to introduce a caveat into the prophecy.


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