Jeny's ARCadia Team

Jeny’s street team is a group of readers who love to read various genres like, thrillers, action/adventure, romance, fantasy, and paranormal. 

If you want to become part of her street team you must be willing to leave reviews of her books and help promote them. Jeny understands that asking you to help spread the word about her books is a big ask. To sweeten the entire experience of being part of her street team she offers a few things she hopes will make it worth your while:

  • Free books. Whenever she publishes a book, you’ll get it for *free, guaranteed. 
  • Free swag. As a reward for helping her out, she’ll mail you free swag as it becomes available!
  • Sneak peeks. You’ll be the first to know about her latest projects.
  • Book chats. As a member of the street team, you’ll get access to “Celtic Butterfly Publishing Reader Group,” a fun Facebook group where she regularly chats about books she’s reading and recommends!
  • Access to Jeny’s team. You’ll have her email address and will be able to send questions and chat at any time.
    Please note that this group will be open internationally, but she can only mail items within the US.

Jeny hopes you’re as excited to join as she is to welcome you to the team!

*Free books are guaranteed to all active members of the Street Team group. Jeny’s email service provider automatically unsubscribes anyone who has not opened and/or clicked on any of the past ten emails or who has not reviewed her books.

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