So, a lot of things have been happening and a lot of fun things coming up.

Numero Uno, RWA 2019, so many things to learn so many milestones to be achieved. I took classes on Marketing, Craft, Social Media, and Personal Growth. I learned about newsletters, series bibles, networking, and podcasts. Now I just have to implement all of them!

Also, a major milestone was achieved at the RWA this year, which has been in existence for 38 years. The first African-American woman won a Rita Award! The Rita’s are kind of the Academy Awards of the romance writing world. It was a great night for all the authors who won. 

Coming up I’m going to be working on the re-writes for The Warrior’s Progeny with my wonderful editor, Dianne. I’m also beginning an Author Spotlight every Friday, where I will interview an author or conduct a character interview. It will be a great way to introduce you to some new authors, characters and more importantly, books!


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Goddess of Hearth, Home, Domesticity, Family and the State

So, Hestia was a modern-day Greek goddess. Born of the titans Cronus and Rhea, Hestia was one of a twelve Olympian deities. In those early days, there weren’t a lot of people to choose from in the dating pool. So, when two of her fellow Olympians, Poseidon, her brother, and Apollo, her nephew, wanted her hand, and other body parts, she said, “I don’t think so.”

She wanted to remain a virgin and she thought the whole Greek world was naught, so decided to concede her seat to Dionysus, the god of Wine. She didn’t want the realm of Mount Olympus but the society of the mortals. She was highly worshipped and coveted as the down to earth goddess and for the people.

She also spent a lot of time working with Zeus and Hermes for the family unit and outdoors. She became the hearth goddess of the universe. She was beautiful, and opinionated, ahead of her time and really embodied women’s liberation.

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From the Word of the Day App


Dominance or leadership of one social group or nation over others.
“To say the have priority is not to say they have complete hegemony.”

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