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March 21, 2020
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It’s been a while since I made up one of these. However, since I turned 50 I decided what the hell! Tell me some of your top bucket list items.

50. Ride a camel

49. Write a children’s series

48. Meet Dolly Parton

47. Own a 1966 candy-apple-red convertible Mustang

46. Live in the Highland’s for a time

45. Go on a road trip with my son

44. Plan my daughter’s wedding with her

43. Have a swimming pool

42. Become proficient at piano

41. Travel with our besties.

40. Watch the sunset and sunrise in every country my ancestors come from

39. Become better at photography

38. Visit Greece

37. Get to my healthy goal weight

36. Be able to hire an assistant

35. Do more things with my parents

34. Design and build a new house

33. Learn how to blow glass

32. Go to a retreat with my daughter

31. Have one of my books become a movie

30. Keep a close relationship with my kids

29. Win a RITA award

28. Make a really grumpy person happy

27. Remain agile

26. Be happy and healthy until at least a hundred

25. Fly on a private jet

24. Visit Italy

23. Renew our vows in the place that we eloped

22. Witness a miracle

21. Dance with my son at his wedding

20. Make one day filled with random acts of kindness

19. Become a renowned author

18. Have a vacation home abroad

17. Learn how to sculpture

16. Visit Iceland

15. watch the Seahawks win a Superbowl

14. Have an annual girl’s weekend

13. Be able to give large contributions to my charities (Cancer, blood, heart and Alzheimer’s)

12. Have a murder mystery party

11. Be proficient at guitar

10. Visit the Holy land

9. Make a huge positive difference in someone’s life situation

8. Have crazy cool book launch parties

7. Be “Ginger” to many Grandkids

6. Go back to Scotland

5. Learn to knit

4. Live on the water

3. Own a boat

2. Have multiple best-selling novels

  1. Have a seventy-fifth wedding anniversary with my hubby.

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