Diamonds on the Water

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March 21, 2020
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March 21, 2020

Diamonds on the Water


Diamonds on the Water

By Jeny Heckman

Diamonds on the water, that light beneath the sky

Waves of grace and wonder, too swiftly roll on by

What permeates the air, the smell of sea and sunshine

That open taste of freedom, today shall be just mine

As the hour starts to darken, and shadows seem to loom

The quiet voices soften, as if they’re in a tomb

The breeze moves in so quietly, warm and agile it would seem

The diamonds now float above, winking down from Heaven, as only God could deem


I wrote this poem when my kids were really small. We were on a cruise to Mexico and they either liked to swim or go to the “kids zone” on the ship. One of my favorite things to do when they were there was to sit in the white and blue deck chairs with Jeff, as the sun was going down. We usually had a cocktail and appetizer, and the worst of the heat was gone, nothing but warm, really warm wind blowing. The kind that blows through you and you could see nothing in the distance but water.

My husband and I are all about the sunsets and that night was working its way into something truly glorious. Your family is with you and everyone is safe, you know without a doubt something greater than yourself is present.

I just re-read this poem and it brought me back to that perfect moment like it was yesterday. A simple time, where I was content and life’s possibilities were acknowledged. I’ve had many, many moments since then that have given me that same feeling but the one on that boat was very special.

I hope your day today is a fantastic one.


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