Hmm, to resolute or not to resolute, is it even a question?

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March 21, 2020
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March 21, 2020

Hmm, to resolute or not to resolute, is it even a question?

Have you ever walked into a room that's completely destroyed and must clean it up but have no knowledge of where to start? What about a woman who hasn't really worn makeup before but wants to start, and doesn't know how to do it. Maybe you've begun a new job, in a new field and have never done anything remotely close to it before. It's that feeling of being overwhelmed and wanting to gain competency to feel normal and in charge again. Where do you start, how do you learn everything?

Well, I usually feel that to a small degree, each year at this time. I have a few resolutions and want to make them a permanent member of my daily existence but don't know how to blend them in. Sometimes they do so on their own, some make it in accidentally or through trial and error, and others just fall by the wayside, never to be heard from again. I write out lists and dutiful follow them, until the first time I don't, and then begin those pesky old ways again.

This year, I do have a couple of things I'd like to get better at. One is my health (novel, I know). I turned fifty this year and things begin to change, menopause looms. I feel like one of those astronaut movies when all the power goes out in the module and you have one very narrow window to enter the Earth's atmosphere or you will shut it down wrong and bounce into oblivion. Healthwise, I want positive habits down, that'll see me through into old age. To stay as mobile and sharp as possible, so I can't terrorize future grandchildren, if not my hubby. It doesn't have to be the workout of an energizer bunny in her twenties, just something manageable. I also want to learn to play the guitar and make more time to be with friends and family. I have writing goals of finishing book two of The Heaven & Earth Series, begin a second historical romance series, and possibly a children's book.

Finally, I want to get into a system for writing. I feel like a full-fledged author for the first time and now need to strike a balance between the fun part of actually writing and the second part of marketing and selling my books. The first one is easy, and I find the second one very challenging. I've never taken a marketing class, hell, aside from mandatory English classes, I've never taken writing instruction either. However, words come easy, as do stories. The idea of how to best utilize social media, contests, blog tours, and other strategies for causing interest in one of my penned prose, is a bit beyond my pay grade. Every writer I've ever met has said, just never stop writing, the best way to sell books is to write more books and I get that but it isn't all there is. There's a magic trick or tricks, I'm sure of it, I'm just not smart enough to know them.

My question to you is how do you develop a plan for these kinds of situations. What is your plan of attack? How do you turn them into bite-sized pieces? What are your resolutions for 2019, what are your challenges and strategies to succeed and tackle them?


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