Podcast Interview on Candace Uncensored

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December 17, 2020
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December 29, 2020

Podcast Interview on Candace Uncensored

It was so much fun to join Andrea Florescu and Candace Bui Walston on Candace’s podcast to talk about how I started writing books, what are some of the challenges but also the benefits of writing books, and what are some of the upcoming plans for the next year.

We also discuss who inspired my books and who I would like to play some of my characters in the movie adaptations for my books.

So today we have another treat. We continue our authors wee and we have another author today, Jeny Heckman. She just published her new book Releasing the Catch a week ago. I don’t know how many books you wrote I just know about this last one… It’s her fith book!

Hey, Jeny. How are you?

Good. How are you?

Good! Before I go in and start babbling about you, could you do me a favor? Could you please introduce yourself? Give us a little bit about who you are for our audience, please.

Okay. Well, my name is Jenny Heckman, and I am a paranormal romance author of a series called Heaven and Earth. And I’m working on Book Three right now for that series. But I did just publish a contemporary romance, a kind of contemporary romance, a women’s fiction piece called Releasing the Catch. And that just came out on the 15th. So we had our big launch. And yes, I saw you there. That was so nice of you to come. And, I’ve been writing for … well, writing seriously… for about four years now.

Oh, wow!

Yeah, I started a long, long time ago. But I… that was a very… it was one book. And I was… it took me a long time to write it… and publish it, I guess I should say rather. But yeah, so about four years now.

Wow. So let me ask you this, I was at the book launch. And let me tell you this, there was a little bit of technical difficulty at the beginning with the video that you guys, you guys played. And I told Andrea after that, I said that video was good, even though there was a little bit of technical difficulty there. But it was great. And I actually recognized some of the scenes in that in the trailer. Because I used to watch the Deadliest Catch. When I saw that boat and that wave of water and all of that I knew it. Listen more below

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