Why Book Reviews Are Important to an Author

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January 14, 2021

Why Book Reviews Are Important to an Author

Podcast Episode 3

Welcome to Jeny’s Tattletales…. episode. I don’t know which one it is at this point.

We recorded several today!

Yes. Um, and today I think we’re going to talk about reviews. Yes, because that came up a lot in our conversations this past week, or month, or ever.

Always, always, but, you know, authors write books, because they love to write, but also because they want people to read their books.

And the only way they will know what they read this thing is whenever they leave reviews, right? Yeah.

And if you’re… I mean, I don’t know about big publishing companies, what services they offer to the authors, I’m assuming they do marketing for them as well. But if you’re an indie author, or an author that was published by a small press company, or self-published or whatever, you pretty much need to do your own marketing. You do? Yeah, you don’t have big street teams to do reviews for you.

Which if people don’t know what’s threatening, with the will explain to them?

Well, street teams are people that come on, if they have a favorite author, they have somebody that they want to promote. This is a way that you can get involved with your favorite author. But with authors, a street team is somebody who is a group of people that help promote your book, they take what you’ve done, and they might be part of your art team where they get an advanced reader copy.

And they, you know, they read your book, and then they give you reviews beforehand so that you can start off your promotion when you launch the book with already having some reviews. So people kind of get an idea of what a book is about. So So yeah, and we do have, I do have an arc team. So it’s called Arcadia. And if you want to join it, go to my website, www.jenyheckman.com. And you can join my arc team there, you get the advanced reader copies, you get some new information about things that are coming up, and, and all of that, and then street teams.

So it’s kind of they’re similar. They might be doing slightly different things. But both are really, really important. And reviews are really important. I did not understand how important reviews were. When I first started all of this, I do know that when you first are looking at a book, I’m a big reader. But when I’m looking at a book, what is the very first thing that you do? Most people tend to look at the blurb. And they read the blurb and they decide whether they

Well, I guess they look at the cover first and then decide whether or not they like it. Then they look at the blurb and they read it. It’s interesting, I don’t know. So now what do you do you look up at the top to see how many, how many stars? Who what, what are the stars about. And if you’re like me, and I see something that’s like four out of five, I’m always reading.

Well, why didn’t somebody like it, which is always a subjective thing too?

By the way, you never know what to read between the lines you do, because not everybody will like everything you’ve seen times or other people that need malicious, bad reviews because for whatever reason, there were reasons so many sometimes eyes blue, rather than green or something. I mean, there are lots of different reasons but for review, it’s essential for writers, and it’s very hard to get reviews.

You know, if you’ve been around for a long time, and you have a big following, then maybe it’s not so much. But when you’re starting out, and you’ve got these books coming out, it’s awfully hard to get them Amazon makes it hard to or they had originally made it hard to leave reviews. And so if you were somebody that had bought a book, and you wanted to leave a review, it was a little bit more difficult when they started making the real changes about who could leave reviews and that kind of thing. I noticed that because I wasn’t leaving.

I mean I was leaving reviews here and there but not really for books more for like products. And usually, if I didn’t like something but now I started you know leaving reviews for pretty much anything I buy because one if I really really enjoyed it, why not share it with people? If I hated it, why not share it with people but also why I hated it and you know, it might not work or they might not be the reason why. I’m not telling people not to buy but that’s what did not work for me. Yes When it’s about a product but when it comes to a book, I mean the book has to be really really bad. badly written lots of grammar mistakes, everything horrible in it to, for me to give a bad review for work because I understand. I don’t like all the genres.

I read different things. But I have things that I really really like And I would never leave a book review a bad book review for somebody because I didn’t like something about a physical appearance or over character. Yes, we all picture characters. You know, we have an image in our mind as we read the books, but I would never pick up, you know, leave a bad review for one of those reasons. I mean, it has to be really bad but badly written. No action. No, I don’t want Oh, yeah. Well, I mean, you know, even with romance, you need to have an optimistic ending, typically with romance, that you don’t get that or whatever, and people.

Listen to the entire episode below!

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