Book Two

Another year under their belt.

 All the Dads and Grads out there celebrating their accomplishments! I now am the proud parent of a college graduate myself. My daughter Paisley, graduated cum laude, with her bachelors in Health Services Administration, and minors in Psychology and Business. Next year, she will complete her Masters in Business and my son will complete his bachelors in Communication. So, proud parents to be sure!

It’s been interesting to step back and see the result of your parenting, in the choices your children make. All the apprehension of if you were doing it “right” (as if there is such a thing), reflected in a mirror back at you. I think if you ask anyone that knows me, I’m a pretty fierce parent. I know my children’s strength and I know their weaknesses. God help anyone that tries to hurt them. Watching my daughter receive her diploma, now strong in her ability to provide for herself. Watching my son develop into an extremely capable man, able to express love, compassion and chivalry. Well, I think any mom in the world would be extremely proud of that achievement as well.

My husband has also celebrated his 23rd Father’s Day. He’s provided and cared for each of us in a profound way and tried to teach a hard work ethic, while also trying to teach hard play, and true zest for life. He’s a compassionate, loving, remarkable man, who yearns to give new experiences and friendship to the people in his life. This Father’s Day fell on the day after graduation and he spent it moving the kids from one apartment to another, a far cry from color crayon drawings and handmade pottery in school but no less precious.

As they progress further, I do as well. Yesterday I began book two of the Heaven and Earth Series, entitled, The Warrior’s Progeny. I was able to get down 3,664 words, which is a good beginning. It’s been fun continuing the story and have these new characters begin to find their voice. The extensive research, like the first one, into the careers and lives of the players, has been fascinating. I plan to share some of it soon.


The Warrior's Progeny is Available on these formats. Get your copy NOW!

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