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All About Darcy Carson:

Award-winning author, Darcy Carson, grew up reading everything her mother brought home from the library. Reading romances became her favorite topic. Eventually her love of those novels led her to start writing them. She resides in a Seattle suburb with her husband and a prince of toy poodle.

She wakes the night

Release Date:

March 15, 2021


The Wild Rose Press

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Welcome to Jeny's TattleTales on my blog! Tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve lived in the general Seattle area nearly all my life. Had a stint in California for a couple of years because of my husband’s work. I have three grown sons. I knocked on wood that they all turned out to be nice people. Plus, they’ve given me the best grandkids. Can’t go wrong there. I live in Renton (a small town southeast of Seattle) on five acres. Besides a 15-year-old spoiled poodle named Bandit, I have two chickens—Miss Piggy (because she eats like a pig) and Brownie (a brown chicken who lays green eggs). Two eggs a day.

Yum! I've always wanted to have chickens that but never seem to find the time! Is there something you really love but most people wouldn't understand why you do?

Noise when I’m writing. Either the radio needs to be on or the TV. I love listening to Jerry Springer while writing. It makes me realize what a wonderful life I have after all the screams and crying.

Yep, I have no idea why you would like that! LOL! Speaking of Jerry Springer *wink*wink, what actors would you love to play your characters if your books were made into movies?

Chris Pine, as the hero in my third dragon book (I just turned that one into my editor a week ago). I love his eyes. In Woman in the Woods, the guy who played Loki. Tall and dark.

Nice! Do you have some all-time favorite books?

My first childhood keeper book was Stranger in a Strange Land. I still have a copy. I loved the Jean Auel series. Her books were the first hardbacks I ever bought.

I think the Clan of the Cave Bear Series were my first hardbacks too! Here's a two-part question for you. What inspired this particular story and what inspired the title?

So this particular story was inspired by Becca, a character in the very first book of the Dragons Return series. When she appeared, I just knew she had a story to tell. When you meet her, she’s in a forest fire—thus the title Woman in the Woods.

Fantastic! What do you use to envision your characters?

I write on the computer, divide the book into chapters and start making notes. Sometimes, I brainstorm with a fellow writer to flush out a kernel of an idea.

Have you written any other books not published?

Dozens. I’m currently key stroking a regency that I wrote in the dark ages and now understand why it never was published. But there’s always hope.

Any new projects on the horizon?

I’ve got two. Fingers crossed about the third dragon book—She Wakes The Night, and anthology that should be released in about two or three weeks called Beach Reads with Pam Binder and DeeAnna Galbraith.

Busy lady! Finally, what would you most like to say to your readers?

I hope you enjoy my stories. I probably write them for my own enjoyment but am willing to share them with the world.

She Wakes the Night Blurb & Excerpt

Trell Langois escapes a thousand-year-old curse. Being trapped as a tree wasn’t on her bucket list, but now she can continue as a healer. Traveling with her dragon, Torkel, she seeks out new cures to help others and meets Gren. An unfortunate soul who suffers from a dreadful disease.

Gren Oyg Har is a prince on a mission. In order to rule his father’s kingdom, he must find a healer. Not just any healer, mind you, but one with a dragon. Yet, it is Trell who finds and rescues Gren, but wants nothing more to do with him. If not for Torkel, she would leave him behind.

Separate goals soon become entangled, and both Trell and Gren are on their way to falling in love until secrets better kept hidden become known–and threaten to destroy all they hold dear.


Jeny's TattleTales

Favorite movie: Lady and the Tramp (a true romance)

Best place you’ve visited: A Baltic cruise

Place you’d like to visit: Scotland

Favorite food: Anything with enough sugar

If a movie was made about your life, who would you want to play you? An actress who can act

What song best sums you up? Rock and Roll Music

Pen or pencil? Pen, preferably a gel pen

Favorite music? Classic oldies and/or country

Coffee or tea? Coffee

What does your desk look like? A mess…stacks of old manuscripts that need to be keystroked into computer.

What is your writing vice or must-haves? Not sure. I like to write in the morning and reread in the afternoon.

Plotter or pantser? Pantser, for sure.

Mac or PC? Mac

Favorite dessert? Anything with sugar

What is your favorite thing to learn about in your free time? Everything. Watch a lot of Nova.

You have a time travel machine. Where and when? Right here. I love being who I am, where I am.

Are you earth, wind, fire, or water? Zodiac sign is water, but I like fire.

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