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Anyone else excited that in three or four days’ time we might begin the very slow process of opening up our country again? Living in Washington state, I am definitely ready! I watched a parody on Facebook the other day, where a woman in January is visited by her future self, four months ahead. January self is talking about all the things she thought were important at that moment and her April self is telling her how her reality will change. The January self simply can’t believe what will happen. I still feel that way, like we’ve slipped into some kind of alternate universe!

I hear people ask me and others how this whole thing has affected their day to day life. As a writer and introvert, I can honestly say, not that much. I sat in front of a computer for most of the day in January, and I still do in May. The places where it’s changed for me are obviously running out to get something at a store other than groceries, not seeing our extended family, and the fact my husband and daughter were working from home. The best thing I ever did was turn off mainstream media, and the absolute craziness they created. The news and politicians all circle-filed with glee. I’ve also tallied the stores I’ve heard of and visited that made a huge effort to help their communities and the others that tried to profit from the pandemic, to know where my dollars will be spent in the future.

I realize for some folks the reality is very different and the past three months have been something out of a horrific nightmare. Illness, job loss, and the very real emotions of heartache, fear, anxiety, and grief, all front, and center. I’ve often thought of those that passed away, kids that have spent their entire lives in school, and didn’t get the recognition of a ceremony, mothers having their first babies alone, the increased rates of suicide from the panic and loneliness, the elderly staring at the four walls not understanding any of this and the vulnerable terrified to step outside for fear an invisible enemy is waiting to take them down. I’d like to say you’ve ALL been in my prayers every… single… night.

As we look to the future, I’m hopeful and happy to start anew. I look forward to visiting my Hospice patients again, reconnecting with my family and friends, going to a movie, having the economy turn around, sitting down in a restaurant, talking about anything other than COVID-19! As we venture forth I sincerely hope you all stay healthy and optimistic about all the great things to come. I’ve really loved watching people come together, to fight this thing. How often is the entire world placed on pause, so you can get your shit together? It’s truly remarkable and inspiring. I’m also excited for people to get back to work so they can feed their families and not live in fear.

For me, over the past two months, I’ve sent two manuscripts to my publisher.

One, The Warrior’s Progeny, is through the final galley and awaiting a release date. I’ve also been working on a Warrior’s book trailer, able to launch this very cool new website, and just did my largest giveaway basket to date, (if you’ve signed up for my newsletter, know that fun things are always on the way, and thank you for the support).

So, now I ask, what new and exciting things are in your future? Where is the first place you’ll go when allowed to venture out? What were your biggest self-discoveries from this pandemic and self-isolation? What will you forever change as a result of it?

For me, it’s getting the books out this year, probably going to my brother-in-law’s bar, Jamestown Saloon, in Arlington, for dinner, and stocking up on some diminished supplies. The one thing I truly plan on doing is rejecting the mainstream media and the negative people and energy that was at a fever pitch before this thing began. It isn’t good for any of us, and I felt like that ugliness was just consuming everyone. After the crazy divisions of the last decade that just keep growing, especially politically, it’s nice to see when Americans put their minds together, we truly are a remarkable country. It was also wonderful to see all across the world that the real heroes aren’t politicians or celebrities, they’re our nurses, and medical people, truckers, teachers, and regular citizens. You are simply amazing and so inspiring. 

I wish you all a safe and healthy return to life outside your four walls.

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