Do you ever feel like you are standing in mud and all the tools to get out are all around but you can't reach them or you don't understand how to work them??

So, when I decided to write a book, I thought the challenging part would be to ya know, write it. The truth of the matter was it was the really easy part. Having to figure out the world of publishing, promoting, and marketing has been at best difficult and at worse damn near impossible.

I’ve read in several places that you should basically be writing non-stop and leave the publishing and business end to the “professionals.” And then you hear from others that you don’t need the professionals because they only overcharge and distort your work. It’s great to have so many acquaintances now that know what they’re talking about on both sides of the coin. But where I will come out on the debate only God knows. (*slight footnote, the sermon last Sunday was on being overwhelmed, ironic I think not) 🙂

The writing world is fickle and flaky but being able to write down and create a thinking, feeling person, to watch and listen to them get out of the impossible scenarios you put them into is SO MUCH FUN!

I’m not sure if I would have continued writing if I knew what this part entailed but I’m confident that once a get a few under my belt, I’ll have it down to a science. No, really I will…at least that’s what I hope I will do.

I have had a fantastic editor go through my work, Sophie Logan with Sharper Editing based in Bellingham, and just today I secured my book cover designer Steve Novak after the last one couldn’t do it. I’m in the process of trying to figure out the formatting to upload onto the various websites like Amazon Kindle, iBooks, etc., and then I think, “The Catch,” will be ready to go.

Also, I just updated my website what do you think of the new digs?

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