Thankful for YOU!

I tried to look deep inside my heart, to find and say the things I’m truly thankful for in a fun and hopeful way.

Family, obviously, food and shelter to be sure, but in this incredibly horrific year of what you actually say, what you’re supposed to say, and what you wish you could say, are all very different things. So, here’s what I want to say in this time of Thanksgiving.

2020 is nothing if not God’s illustrative template of what you should probably be thankful for, since it seemed to be absent most of the year. Health, Family, Friends, Kindness, Freedom, Joy, and Abundance. I just read the Christmas Shopaholic book by Sophie Kinsella, and my favorite saying in it was, “Everything the Grinch can steal is not Christmas.” However, this year he’s trying really hard!

Every night, I pray almost the same prayer, and though I don’t share these kinds of things very often, I wanted you to know what I’m thankful for and what I pray for in this crazy time of Thanksgiving.

• Holy Father, blessed be this day. I am so thankful of the many blessings and gifts You give to me every single day of my life.

• I’m thankful for my husband who works so hard, is appreciated so little but still cares so deeply. I thank You for his hands, his spirit and his soul for walking beside me and loving me.

• I thank You for the blessing of my daughter, and her kind and gentle spirit. Her selfless devotion to her family and friends, and her ability to dream it, then achieve it.

• I thank You for the blessing of my son, who is so full of generosity and kindness. For his determination and fortitude to protect those he loves, and his absolute passion for life.

• I thank You for the blessing of Jesse, Natalie, Nicole, Lefty and Chance for bringing their joy into my life and enrichment into my soul.

• I thank You, Lord, for the blessings of our parents, brother and sisters, our families and our friends. For each of their unique souls and the beauty, love and special talents they each bring, is a pure gift in my life. I ask You God to bless them with love and peace in their hearts, to provide them with health and well-being, food and shelter and open their hearts to Your word.

• I thank You for our ability to provide for the families in our employ and enable us to continue to do so, well.

• Holy Father, I ask You to watch over those that suffer tonight, those that have lost loved ones, their livelihoods, their homes, or their peace of mind. Bless those that are sick with wellness and those that suffer with peace.

• Please watch over the world leaders and guardians help them to know they are the ambassadors and caretakers of the people and not their own power or agendas. Please watch over the citizens of this world and remove the evil from Your people. Please forgive them their transgressions, so, that they may know You and flourish in Your name.

• Finally, Lord I humbly ask You to absolve me of my sins and have mercy on my soul in judgement. I am guilty of the sin of anger, judgement, selfishness and pride. Please suffuse me with Your peace, Your acceptance, and Your will.

In Your glorious name, I pray, and blessed be tomorrow, Amen!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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