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Raven Hunter

Raven Hunter, singer, musician, and performer is the main character of the Sea Archer, the first book of the Heaven and Earth Series I started a couple of years ago. I am excited to share a little bit about her background here. This is part of an interactive book we are putting together for the …

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Christmas Magic

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I know someone that set up their tree on October first this year! I think everyone is ready for some festive cheer, a little magic, and some family time. I know I am. The house is decorated, the lights are twinkling, and the Christmas carols are sounding. …

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Thankful for YOU!

I tried to look deep inside my heart, to find and say the things I’m truly thankful for in a fun and hopeful way. Family, obviously, food and shelter to be sure, but in this incredibly horrific year of what you actually say, what you’re supposed to say, and what you wish you could say, …

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Land that I Love

I love Washington State I’ve been asked three times in the last week why I choose to live in Washington state, with all the obvious turmoil that’s been going on here, and people leaving Seattle in droves. As you know I try not to post anything political on my blog or social media and won’t …

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