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Christopher German

I’m a man with many facets. I sail, I cook, I write, and I make videos. That probably is not in order of interest for me, but rather in order of how much I have earned from each trade.

I started writing as a kid. I was first awarded a book award for a children’s book I wrote in first grade and that always kind of stuck with me. I always liked writing and books, but never really got to be much of a reader. I excelled in the liberal arts in high school and college but decided that I wanted to go to a military academy to please my Dad.

Because of my intention to go to a service academy, in my junior year of high school, I was selected to go to Boys State. It was then that I decided political office and politicians sucked. I then went onto the United States Coast Guard Academy where I learned that the military is a shit show and so is the federal government.

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